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Spaces available for upcoming Leadership Trainings for Managers/Supervisors
Leadership is a part of the onboarding process assigned to new leaders or newly promoted leaders to be completed within the first 30 days. The series is comprised of three modules, each designed to meet a specific challenge facing leaders within today's work environment. The next series will take place on the following dates:

Module I Communication
This course will teach new and current managers how to work effectively with four different types of communicators and employees from five different generations. Case studies are used to contribute to hands-on learning.

Module II Coaching
Participants will learn techniques to foster effective coaching skills, conduct difficult conversations, and implement effective conflict resolution strategies. Role plays are included to practice mastery of content.

Module III Performance Management
The final module is designed to help leaders hire, retain, and coach employees in order to improve overall morale of the department by developing strong position descriptions and meaningful performance evaluations. In addition, the process for corrective action is outlined and practiced in the class. 

For dates of upcoming classes and to register please login to Cornerstone at or contact HR Talent Development by phone at 806-742-0530 or by email

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