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Male Participants Needed for a Neuro-imaging study - $20 Starbucks gift card
Study Title: Do they mean it outside? Experimental analyses of emotional dissonance among front-line hospitality employees facing customer incivility
Abstract: This study aims to analyze emotional dissonance among front-line employees by examining discrepancy between stress measure survey responses and the brain regions of interest (e.g., amygdala and frontal cortex) that activate when responding to customer incivility. 
Brief data collection process: Arriving at the site (Human Sciences fNIR lab) - Filling short survey and safety screening (15min) - Final check before entering fNIR scanner (15min) - Brain scan while watching pictures and visuals (30min): Total 60min Max. 
Eligible participants: Non-hospitality employees - former/current full-time employees with minimal or no customer interactions (e.g., bankers, technicians, mechanics, desk-job, loan officers, etc.). Hospitality employees - former/current full-time employees with min. 1yr experience (e.g., hotels, restaurants).                             

Reward: $20 Starbucks gift card 
*Please contact Dr. Danny Choi at if you wanna participate. 

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.

Danny Choi


Hospitality and Retail Mgmt