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Multimedia Recital: Excavating Character
Recital featuring Kevin Wass, Tuba; Susan Wass, Piano; James Decker, Trombone; Bruce Keeling, Trombone; and Patrick Perry, Bass Trombone, with artistic contributions by Micah J. Hood, Sean Kennedy, Joanna Ross Hersey, Jesse Mockrin, and Tif Holmes and music by Micah J. Hood, Henri Tomasi, Eduardo Nogueroles, Joanna Ross Hersey, Claude Debussy, and Libby Larsen.

Each piece on this recital tells the story of a real or fictional character through music and visual elements. The focus will be on replacing typical third-person narration with first-person expression, emphasizing responses to external forces and events. From a purely abstract "Excavation" to a musical unpacking of Hamlet to re-examinations of forced transformations (Fafner, Syrinx), to imagined spatial explorations of a bear in the wilderness and Hildegard von Bingen in her convent, these musical and artistic collaborations will challenge your assumptions of what narrative in music can be.


Micah J. Hood: Excavations for Solo Tuba (2019) 

-World Premiere-

“Excavations for Solo Tuba”
asemic score by Micah J. Hood**

Henri Tomasi: Être ou ne pas être: Monologue d’Hamlet (1963) 
*James Decker, trombone
Bruce Keeling, trombone
Patrick Perry, bass trombone

Excerpt from “Hamlet” (1948)
directed by Laurence Olivier
Excerpt from “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” 
by William Shakespeare
Excerpt from “La Tragique Histoire de Hamlet, Prince de Danemark”
by William Shakespeare, translated by Victor Hugo

Eduardo Nogueroles: La mirada del Dragón (2018) 

“La mirada del Dragón”
photo roman by Sean Kennedy**

Joanna Ross Hersey: ElevenTwelve (2019)

graphic score by Joanna Ross Hersey

Claude Debussy: Syrinx (1913) 

paintings and drawings by Jesse Mockrin

Libby Larsen: Ursa (2010)
I. -sings to the night sky
II. -at high noon
Susan Wass, piano

photo essay by Tif Holmes**

*Denotes TTU School of Music Faculty
**Denotes TTU School of Music Alumni

Susan Wass


School of Music

Event Information
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Event Date: 9/15/2019

Choir Hall (010), School of Music