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Storing and Packaging for the Roman Empire
Rome’s far-flung territorial empire had a sophisticated regime for the storage and distribution of food to feed the city of Rome. Before refrigeration and major transformations in transportation, the orchestration of this colossal apparatus relied heavily on artisans, farmers, porters, and other workers living in the shadow of the epicenter of a Mediterranean empire. 

Please join us today Wednesday, October 9th, at 5:30pm for a lecture on Storing and Packaging for the Roman Empire by Dr. Caroline Cheung, Assistant Professor with the Department of Classics at Princeton University. (Location: EDUC 0001)

This talk examines the storage and packaging containers and their industries for the Roman wine trade, with special focus on the dolium, the largest type of container in antiquity. Used primarily for the fermentation and storage of wine, dolia were expensive and labor-intensive investments. Studying dolia brings to light the ingenuity, cross-craft fertilizations, collaborations, and social and economic constraints of humble craftspeople living and working in the Roman Empire.

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Departments of History, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, and the College of Arts and Sciences. 

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Event Information
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Event Date: 10/9/2019

EDUC 0001