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Alternative Spring Break 2020: Come serve with us!

Over Spring Break, four groups of students will embark on trips around the nation to spend their time giving back to communities in need. There will be fundraisers hosted to help cover trip costs, and members of Raiders Helping Others also have access to scholarships that can cover up to 40% of the cost of a trip. (It’s not too late to apply for membership at this link.) To apply for a trip, please complete the ASB Application by November 13th at 11:59pm.


Information regarding each trip follows:  


Grow Ohio Valley in Wheeling, West Virginia ($1,000)

Area of Focus: Health & Wellness, Food Deserts & Accessibility, Mental Health, Nutrition 

Description: Grow Ohio Valley is working to fashion a new economic landscape, one offering increased prosperity, improved health and a better environment. In Wheeling, West Virginia, students on this trip will learn about food deserts and malnutrition while assisting with growing food, maintaining farm work, and various other projects. The focus of this trip is food access: it is a problem of quality, not quantity. You can be obese, yet malnourished. Too many people, in too many neighborhoods (including communities in the Ohio Valley), are living in food deserts. There, people are exponentially more likely to suffer from diet-related diseases, especially diabetes and obesity. We saw it in Grow Ohio Valley's home neighborhood - East Wheeling - every day. Young mothers buy junk food - chips, jerky, candy - to quiet their child's rumbling stomach at suppertime. It is an issue of availability, of information, of food access. 


The David School in David Kentucky ($900) 

Area of Focus: Youth & Education, Socio-Economic Status, Individualized Teaching, Alternative Education 

Description: Founded in 1974, the David School is located in the small community of David, Kentucky, from which it takes its name. The mission of The David School is to provide a comprehensive educational program for Appalachian high school dropouts and at-risk youths who have limited financial resources and the potential to succeed in a non-traditional setting. Through individualized attention, The David School's staff gives students the opportunity to experience success and to serve their community. Volunteers on this trip will tutor students, work on rehabilitating the school and surrounding grounds, and build connections with students and staff. 


Rocky Mountain Field Institute in Indian Creek, Utah ($500)

Areas of Focus: Animals and the Environment, Trail Restoration, Human Impact, Hiking & Outdoorsiness

Description: The Rocky Mountain Field Institute is a nonprofit organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of public lands. Though based in Colorado, RHO will be taking its volunteers to Indian Creek, Utah. RMFI is committed to protecting and enhancing the ecological health of our land and water resources by completing projects focused on watershed restoration, forest health, and creating sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities. By prioritizing the involvement of community volunteers and youth, RMFI envisions a world where our work fosters vibrant and healthy natural systems that are respected and cared for by the public. Volunteers on this trip will be working on trail restoration while seeing first-hand the human impact on the environment. 


Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma ($300)

Areas of Focus: Human Rights & Advocacy, Cultural Awareness, Politics, History, Community Restoration 

Description: As the largest federally recognized Native American tribe in the United States, Cherokee Nation serves the Cherokee population within Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Students will spend time completing community restoration projects, joining the community in local events and activities, and learning about the culture, history, and current economic and cultural struggles of Native Americans. Trip members in the past have been engaged by the community with basket-weaving, making traditional necklaces, and participating in traditional story-telling. 

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Amy Shaw