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#everyoneplays Intramural Sports
Find your fit with Intramural Sports:

Classic Series Sports: Basketball, Outdoor Soccer, & Softball
  • These are team sport activities that have a regular season followed by a single elimination playoff.
  • These events are officiated by student officials.
  • Seasons followed by championship playoffs is the general format for the Classic Series. 

Modern Series: Sand Volleyball, 4v4 Flag Football
  • Sports in the Modern Series offer an extended season for maximum participation with no playoffs involved.
  • Sports and activities are self-officiated.
  • Eligible participants may play on multiple teams and teams may pick up players on the fields or courts to insure that games are played.
  • The focus of the Modern Series is for participants to get an opportunity to participate, not to try to determine an eventual champion.
Flash Series: Cornhole, Archery, Badminton
  • Events generally happen quickly and are not a long-term time commitment, hence the “flash” designation.
  • These events are generally one or two day events that may be elimination tournaments or participation blocks.
  • Most of the individual or doubles type events fall into this area. There are also team events run over a short period.
  • The Flash Series is designed for those students who wish a short term option for play.

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