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Need a multicultural course? Try "Language in a Multicultural America"!
ENGL 2371.002 Language in a Multicultural America
Dr. Aaron Braver
MWF 1:00–1:50
CRN: 55246

**Fulfills only Multicultural Requirement**

America is a country of great diversity—racially, economically, politically. How does this diversity translate to the way we speak? What can we learn about a person from how they talk? This course investigates the relationship between language and social diversity in the US. We’ll cover issues including race, gender, sexual orientation, and power relations, exploring how each impacts (and is impacted by) our way of talking. We’ll be doing hands-on data collection, learning the methods employed by sociolinguists to gather and analyze peoples’ speech. We’ll also discuss topics including the “Oberserver’s Paradox”, regional identity (especially Texan identity), official languages, sex and gender, and political language. 

This course is suited to anyone interested in how people and their language work—including creative writers, literature and TCR majors/minors, and anthropology, sociology and psychology majors.


Aaron Braver