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Seeking young and older adults for a research study on self-paced exercise.

We are looking for adults, both males and females that are healthy weight (body mass index <30) that will participate in our study to understand if aging effects the ability to self-pace exercise in hot weather. The study will be conducted at Texas Tech University in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management Building (Exercise and Thermal Integrative Physiology Laboratory).

You qualify if you are either:
Young healthy adult between the ages 20-40 years old OR
Older adult between the ages of 60-70 years old

In this study, participants will perform an incremental exercise test, body composition, and a 7-day physical activity measurement will be obtained for this study to determine fitness levels. This study will involve 3 visits that may last 2 hours each visit (~6 hours total). One of these visits will entail exercising in a hot environment, one in a cool environment all while we monitor body temperature, blood pressure, sweat rate, and skin blood flow. Research participation is completely voluntary. All test will be available free to the participant and you will receive $50 gift for your time.

You do not qualify if you have histories of cardiac, or neurological, or gastrointestinal surgery or disease; currently taking anti-inflammatory drugs or pills for blood pressure and cholesterol; smoke or vape; pregnant women; or children younger than 18 years of age or not in the age range for young or older for this study criteria.

For more information or if you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Eric Rivas at or to our lab email:

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.


Eric Rivas


Kinesiology and Sport Management