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Study abroad in Spain! Learn about Cross-national Crime & Terrorism

Sociology is offering SOC 3300/7000 Global Terrorism at the TTU Seville Center in Spain from May 16 – June 15, 2020.

In SOC 3300/7000: Global Terrorism, you will learn about terrorism as an international phenomenon, and study about its global manifestation and links. The course will explore how terrorist organizations become international actors, operation in multiple countries and utilizing globalization to be more effective. We will also examine the challenges and solutions presented through counterterrorism policies, as well as their unintended consequences. The course organized as follows: we will begin with a general discussion on the basic questions in terrorism studies that will allow us to move forward in our study. Those would include what is terrorism? who is a terrorist? What terrorists want? And what terrorists do? After answering those questions and understanding the social aspects of terrorism we will move to the second part of the course, focusing on the global aspect of terrorism. In this part we will examine terrorist networks, financing, radicalization, links to criminal organizations and finally the counterterrorism responses to international terrorism. The third part of the class will take place in the Basque Country, the homeland of ETA a Spanish terrorist organization. Here we will examine ETA as an in-depth case study, learning about the organization and its international ties and activities. During that period, we will have guest lectors by local law enforcement and victims of the ETA terror.

The course will take place in Seville, Southern Spain, and in San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Northern Spain. In Seville we will examine the links between tourism and terrorism. In San Sebastian we will explore the area where the Basque terrorist group ETA was operating. This will include visits at the San Telmo Museum, Guernica’s Peace Museum, and Gogora Institute for Memory, Coexistence and Human Rights. We will also have a day trip to Bilbao, the capital of Basque Country. The course fills a requirement for the Sociology/Criminology Concentration, serves as an elective for general sociology majors & minors, for history and political science major, and can serve as a social science elective for many other degree plans. At the graduate level (SOC 7000), the course entails a greater emphasis on individual study.

Scholarships & other funding sources for this course are available at the TTU Study Abroad website link:

Notice that the enrollment to the study abroad program takes more time than a regular course and require some planning. Please take that into consideration.

For more information contact Dr. Ori Swed:


Martha Smithey