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Study Abroad in Spain- Studying GLOBAL TERRORISM
This course focuses on terrorism as an international phenomenon, exploring its global manifestation and links. The course will explore how terrorist organizations become international actors, operation in multiple countries and utilizing globalization to be more effective. We will also examine the challenges and solutions presented through counterterrorism policies, as well as their unintended consequences. The last part of the class will take place in the Basque Country, the homeland of ETA a Spanish terrorist organization. Here we will examine ETA as an in-depth case study, learning about the organization and its international ties and activities. During that period, we will have guest lectures by local law enforcement and victims of the ETA terror

In the course we will cover Spain from south to north. We will visit Seville, Cadiz, Bilbao, San Sebastian, and other places.

To register: Please contact the Study Abroad office: 742 - 3667
  The registration process takes time and it ends in March, please make sure you start the process earlier.

The course count towards the degree in Sociology, Political Science, and History.

        SOC 3300 Global Terrorism

        POL 3301 Global Terrorism

        HIST 3399 Global Terrorism

        SOC 4307 Individual Studies

PROGRAM DATES:  May 16 - June 13



Ori Swed



Event Information

All Day Event
Event Date: 5/16/2020

Seville Spain