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Recreational active females, 18-25 yrs old, needed for a Hop & Stop test study
 How do recreationally active females compare against collegiate female athletes on the Hop and Stop test? We need your help to find out! The Hop and Stop test helps to determine when a person is ready to return-to-play/sport following an injury.  See the attached flyer for details. One visit only, 40-60 minutes.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED-Research Study Title:
Comparing Hop and Stop test data scores between recreational active females and collegiate female athletes.

Purpose: Observe the performance measures of recreational active females and collegiate female athletes on the Hop and Stop test and look for differences.

Who: •Active females 18-25 years old
•Participate in athletic type activity at least 2 days/wk for at least 30 minutes(Zumba, Spin, recreational sport, gym workout, etc)
•No ACL or major lower extremity surgery, ever
•Not involved in collegiate or professional sport

What: For each leg, you will need to successfully perform 3 single leg hops and 3 single leg leaps for max distance. More than 3 attempts may be required of each component.

Where: Musculoskeletal Research Lab, Center for Rehabilitation Research, TTUHSC, Room 3C312 Or Biomechanics Lab, KSM Dept., TTU, Lab Room 103 Duration: One, 40-60 minute visit

Contact-Aaron Arreola PT, MPT, ATC, LAT, PES, COMT or
This study has been approved by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech University IRB #: L20-055

Aaron Arreola


Kinesiology and Sport Management