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Connecting to TTU Resources

In anticipation of faculty and staff working from home, these methods of connecting to TTU resources are listed in order of priority. THE BEST APPROACH is to utilize CLOUD BASED RESOURCES rather than trying to connect to a system on campus. Please do not transfer sensitive or confidential information to personal systems or removable media. Please review Emergency Remote Work Agreement Technology Guidelines.

  1. Prepare to work remotely.
    1. You will need an Internet connection (wired or WiFi) at your home. You do not need to get a second Internet connection just for work.
    2. Install Office 365 on your remote computers, which includes Microsoft Office applications, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.
    3. Install these same applications individually on your mobile devices.
    4. Move work files to OneDrive for Business and access online via Office 365.
    5. Work with your departmental leadership to build Microsoft Teams to meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. When creating a team, it would be best to name it something in the format like “Dept-Team-Purpose” such as “ITHC-Service Desk-Staff” or the like. Keep in mind that others not on your team can see your team names.
    6. Set up your remote system to access TTU email and Skype for Business.
    7. Ensure you have a handset, headset, or webcam if you plan to place or receive business calls through Skype for Business on your remote computer. Most webcams also have a microphone.
    8. If you plan to have online meetings, visit our remote access website.
    9. Copy your favorites/bookmarks to your remote workstation browser(s).
  2. When you begin to work remotely.
    1. Sign-in to Outlook on your remote devices, just as you would in your office.
    2. Sign-in to Skype for Business on your remote computer or mobile device to place and receive business calls and response group calls, just as you would in your office.
    3. Make use of other web-based resources, just as you would from your office.
  3. For advanced users: A few select resources require the remote use of your campus computer.
    1. Resources may include:            
      i. B
      anner Admin (not Raiderlink)
      ii. TechShare
      iii. Specialized software installed on campus computers.
    2. For connections to these systems, please utilize Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to your on-campus workstation. Please disconnect when not in use.
    3. If RDP is not an option or is unavailable, utilize VPN as a last means of connecting. Please disconnect when not in use.

For questions or assistance, please refer to or contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-4357 (HELP), online at or via email at


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