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Online Summer Course: CHIN1501 Beginning Chinese I

Welcome to take CHIN1501 Beginning Chinese I in the summer 1, 2020.

Why to learn Chinese language?

  • China has one of the oldest and richest continuous cultures over 3000 years.

  • China is the second largest economy in the world and the largest trading partner of the USA.

  • Chinese is the second most widely spoken language in the world.

  • Chinese is a fascinating language with no conjugation, no gender, no inflection, and no case.

  • Learning Chinese will improve your job prospects.


The Features of This Course

  • No Chinese language knowledge required

  • Oral-proficiency-oriented design

  • Collaborative learning environment

  • Rich interactive online activities

  • Self-paced learning

  • Flexible learning schedule

  • Online paper and oral exams

  • Online meeting with your instructor to correct your pronunciation

  • Native Chinese Instructor


If you have any question, please contact Dr. Yanlin Wang ( ) and Ms. Carla Burrus ( )


Yanlin Wang


Classical and Modern Lang and Lit