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McLane Teammates Reading Program Scholarship Opportunity – Fall 2020


The Free Market Institute is now accepting applications for the fall 2020 McLane Teammates Reading Program, a one semester, non-credit, weekly undergraduate reading group. Program participants read and discuss selections from classic works and contemporary scholars that address important questions in the political economy. Participants that successfully complete the program receive a $1,000 scholarship.

The McLane Teammates Reading Program is sponsored by the Free Market Institute (FMI) at Texas Tech University. The program complements similar programs at Southern Methodist University and at Baylor University. Participants meet weekly for Socratic-style discussions that are facilitated by a Texas Tech University faculty member and focused on topics that address the broader themes of the program.

The theme for the fall 2020 program is Exploring Inequality. Inequality is frequently said to be a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Students will read and discuss works on this issue from a variety of perspectives. Authors will include Milton Friedman, Joseph Stiglitz, Tyler Cowen, and Paul Krugman. 

The readings and discussions will explore questions related to the topic of inequality, such as.

  • What do people mean by the term "inequality"?
  • How do you measure inequality?
  • Does the measure of inequality change substantially over time?
  • What can (and should) public policy do to address issues with inequality?
  • What other solutions are there to confront the problem of inequality?

Participants will receive a set of readings to provide a foundation for the discussions that will address the above questions, among others of importance to the program theme.

All undergraduate students, who have a full-time enrollment status at Texas Tech University or Angelo State University, are eligible and encouraged to apply.


The deadline to apply is Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Interested students may apply at the link below.

APPLY HERE — McLane Teammates Reading Program

More information about the program can be found at the following link:

Free Market Institute - McLane Teammates Reading Program | Free Market Institute | TTU



Please contact the Free Market Institute with any questions by phone at 806.742.7138 or email at


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