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Discover Metagenomics online this Summer II in BTEC 5001!

Sign up now for Metagenomics Principles and Applications, a “virtual hands-on” course that will introduce you to the techniques of metagenomics and metabarcoding. Upon completing this course, you will understand how to use metagenomics and metabarcoding to study the biodiversity and ecology of different microbial communities, and be able to complete DNA-based identification using NGS-sequencing.

Don’t just sit home alone all summer! Join us online to connect with new virtual classmates and learn about cutting-edge scientific techniques, including:

  • How to design a metagenomics experiment.
  • The standard methods of DNA extraction and quality control.
  • The standard methods of generating sequencing libraries for Illumina platforms.
  • How to perform read mapping to reference databases.
  • How to determine community composition at the taxonomical and functional levels.


To learn more about the Center for Biotechnology and Genomics, our MS program and certificates, and all of our courses, visit our website.


Shannon Sears


Center for BioTechnology Genomics