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Did you take piano lessons as a child and wish to play again?

I am seeking two adults (age 25+) interested in online piano lessons. 

Participants must have taken piano lessons as children and have reached at least a late elementary/early intermediate stage of learning (typically attained after 5+ years of lessons). 

Participants will take one 50-min lesson per week for 12 weeks. Lessons will be beginning in June and run through mid August. All lessons will be one-on-one with a teacher to be carried out through videoconferencing (e.g., Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.). 

As part of the study, (1) all lessons will be recorded and (2) you will be asked to participate in weekly questionnaires regarding your learning experience. 

Qualifications: Participants must 

1.     Have a piano at home. 

2.     Have a laptop or computer to connect with the teacher for online lessons through either Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

3.     Have a reliable internet connection.

4.     Have a printer or a device such as an iPad or tablet to access and read musical scores.

5.     Be available from June through mid August (exact dates TBA) for weekly lessons of 50 min each on a day and time that is agreed upon between the teacher and student.

6.     Be committed to practicing at least two hours per week. 

7.     Be willing to participate in weekly questionnaires (taking up to 20 min total). 

Interested participants should contact Laura Lennis by email: 

This study has been approved by TTU IRB (IRB2020-26).


Carla Cash


School of Music