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Study on the Process of Healing from Infidelity: Earn a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Researcher Dr. Stephen Fife in the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Program is asking for your help on a research project about the process of healing that individuals and couples go through following infidelity. The study consists of a 45-60 minute confidential interview at a location most convenient to the participants (i.e. their therapist’s office, at the TTU campus, TTU Family Therapy Clinic, or by phone or secure video conference). Interview questions will focus on the participant’s experience with healing and change and NOT the experience of infidelity in their relationship. To participate, individuals must: be over the age of 18, have experienced infidelity in their committed relationship, and have experienced some healing from infidelity. Individuals who participate in the study will receive each a $20.00 gift card from Please contact Dr. Stephen Fife at if you are interested.

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.


Alex Theobald