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Study abroad in Spain! Learn about terrorism, international crime, & policing!

Sociology is offering SOC 3300/7000 Cross-national Crime and SOC 3300/7000 Global Terrorism at the TTU Seville Center in Spain from May 19 – June 15, 2021.  

In SOC 3300/7000Cross-national Crime, you will learn how other countries define crime and how their crimes are different from the U. S. The course has a cross-national emphasis on the legal system and crime trends in Spain and other countries and ends with a visit to a Spain courtroom. (Substitutes for CRIM 4325 Criminology)

In SOC 3000/7000Global Terrorism, Learn about the conditions that lead to terrorism, the factors that shape the behavior of terrorists, & the issues that influence the response to terrorist attacks from a global perspective.  End the course with a trip to Northern Spain to visit historic terrorism sites.


We will take field trips to Cordoba, Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao, and see ancient Roman ruins in Italica.  You will visit the Prado, Royal Palace & Royal Cathedral.  You will meet criminal justice personnel from Spain.  These courses fill a requirement for the Sociology/Criminology Concentration, serves as an elective for general sociology majors & minors, history, political science, and forensics concentrations and minors, and can serve as a social science elective for many other degree plans.  At the graduate level (SOC 7000), the courses entail a greater emphasis on individual study. 

For more information contact Dr. Martha Smithey: or Dr. Ori Swed:


Martha Smithey