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Go Global, Locally! Earn the Global Readiness Undergraduate Certificate

We invite you to join the ranks of today's professionals who are addressing global challenges using skills developed through the study of languages and cultures. 

At Texas Tech, you can earn the Global Readiness Undergraduate Certificate by completing the following courses:

  • 2302 of any language (SPAN 2607 or SPAN 2304 can be substituted). Students who place higher or test out of fourth semester language can substitute a 3000 or 4000-level language course taught in the target language.
  • One course for specific purposes, if offered in the chosen target language (e.g. GERM 4309, CHIN 3311, CHIN 3312, FREN 3306, FREN 4304, SPAN 4308, SPAN 4309). If no language for specific purposes course is offered, students may substitute three credits of CMLL 4000 with a language for specific purposes focus.
  • An approved study abroad program or internship with a global focus for a minimum of three credits (Approved courses: CHIN 3306, GERM 3306, SPAN 4335, ASL 4301).

Contact Dr. Collopy ( or Carla Burrus ( for more information.


Alec Cattell


Classical and Modern Lang and Lit