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Participants needed for a research study about interior design. Receive $20
You are being asked to voluntarily participate in a research study. We are doing this study to determine the role of the interior environment in facilitating or challenging the wayfinding process. If you agree, we will ask you to find 11 targets in two different buildings that you are not familiar with. You will be asked to think aloud as you are performing wayfinding tasks. After successfully finding each target, we ask you to give us some information regarding the locations that you will have visited in the two buildings. We are asking for about two hours and fifty minutes of your time. You will be compensated $20 for your time and effort at the end of data collection. We will make audio and video recordings of you while performing the wayfinding tasks. 

Your name will not be linked to any material in reports, publications, or presentations. In video recordings, the identifying facial features of participants will be masked. No one other than the researchers associated with this project will have access to the raw data. All related documentation will be stored on a password-protected computer.

The principal investigator of this study is Dr. Debajyoti Pati from the Department of Design at Texas Tech University. You may contact Dr. Pati at or 806-834-0850. Interested participants should contact Saman Jamshidi at or 806-407-6220. Texas Tech University also has an Institutional Review Board that protects the rights of people who participate in research. You can contact them at 806-742-2064 or

Saman Jamshidi