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Earn up to $250 and Learn Body-Mind Training for Free!

We are seeking college students to participate in a National Institute of Health funded study, which seeks to understand brain mechanisms of reducing polysubstance use such as alcohol, tobacco or cannabis using a novel body-mind training.

You will be invited for visits at the TTU campus to complete:

1. Questionnaires and interviews to check for eligibility

2. Ten sessions of training lasting about 60 minutes each & a 30-day follow-up appointment via zoom

3. The total duration is expected to be no more than 15 hours over the course of several days.


Any information gathered for our study will remain confidential, and published reports will not mention individuals. Your file will be given a code number that will be used for identification, rather than a name. Only staff members working on this project have access, which will be used strictly for research purposes. Use of any substances will remain confidential between the participant and researchers.

Contact Us:

Please contact Julia at or Winson at to participate while slots are still available. When contacting us, please include "Neurofeedback" in the subject line of your email. Thanks!


Julia Shull