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Participants Wanted for a Sleep Study

Participants must be between 40-79 years of age, non-smoker or non-vaper, do not have a personal history of heart disease, diabetes or stroke, and have no sleep disorders. Participants are wanted that do not take medications for sleep, and are considered to have normal sleep habits.

This study involves one 1-hour visit and two 2-hour visits to the Kinesiology and Sport Management building at Texas Tech University. Participants will also be asked to alter their sleep duration for one night. Measurements include blood glucose, daily physical activity, daytime and nighttime blood pressure, vascular testing, and cognitive function. Participants will be compensated $100 for completion of the study. Interested people should contact Dr. Joaquin Gonzales at 806-834-5944 or by email at

This study has been approved by the Protection of Human Subjects Committee at Texas Tech University


Joaquin Gonzales


Kinesiology and Sport Management