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The Emotionally Intelligent Mindset via Zoom

The Emotionally Intelligent Mindset via Zoom

Emotions are all around us, whether we choose to run and hide from them, shove them down deep inside, or try to believe they don’t exist, they are there and tend to surface in ways that aren’t always constructive or helpful and, it’s not just our own emotions that we must deal with, it often involves the emotions of others as well. This can turn into some heavy drama if we aren’t careful. Join us for The Emotionally Intelligent Mindset where we’ll learn strategies to help us deal positively with our own emotions and how to navigate the emotions of others so we can enjoy constructive, healthy relationships.

June 15th from 10:30am-12pm

August 19th from 2-3:30pm

Please register via Cornerstone at or email


MaClay Buie


Human Resources