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ENGL 2370 "Intro to Language": A new SBS Core course

Language is something that we take for granted; just like breathing or walking, almost all of us have some form of language, and we use it every day without ever really thinking about how it actually works. But upon closer inspection, human language turns out to be exceedingly complex and systematic at the same time. So the question is how and why? 

ENGL 2370 "Intro to Language" aims to provide a broad overview of language, focusing on its structure, its origins, and its role in society. Among the questions to be addressed are: how do we humans acquire and use language so effortlessly?; what does it do for us?; do different cultures or societies use language differently?; and if so, does language reflect human society and culture as well?

This class meets on MWF from 9 AM to 9:50 AM, and it can be taken either online or face-to-face. 

Questions? Please contact Dr. Min-Joo Kim at the Department of English at


Min-Joo Kim