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Certain graduating seniors may qualify for a $1,000 tuition rebate from the State of Texas; additional details regarding this rebate are below. The last day for August 2021 graduates to apply is Thursday, August 05, 2021 by 4:00 p.m.  We encourage you to review the following requirements and, if you feel you are eligible, complete the rebate application and provide it to Student Business Services on or before the August 05, 2021 deadline. To ensure timely delivery, please email your rebate application to 

$1,000 Tuition Rebate Description and Requirements for Certain Undergraduates:

  • They must have enrolled for the first time in an institution of higher education in the fall of 1997 or later,
  • They must be requesting a rebate for work related to a first baccalaureate degree received from a Texas public university.
  • They must have been a resident of Texas, and must have completed all coursework at a Texas public institution of higher education and have been entitled to pay resident tuition at all times while pursing the degree, and
  • They must have attempted NO MORE than three hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours required to complete the degree under the catalog under which they will be graduating.
  • Coordinating Board Rule 13.93 states that if a student chooses to complete the requirements for a teaching certificate, the minimum number of credit hours required for the degree should be the minimum number of credit hours in which it is possible to satisfy the requirements of both the baccalaureate degree and the teaching certificate.
  • Hours attempted include transfer credits, course credit earned exclusively by examination in excess of 9 such hours, courses that are dropped after the official census date (12th class day, spring and fall, 4th class day summer term), for credit developmental courses, optional internship and cooperative education courses, and repeated courses.
  • Courses dropped for reasons that are determined by the institution to be totally beyond the control of the student shall not be counted.

If you feel you have already applied, please feel free to check with Student Business Services to make sure we have your application on file and associated with the Summer 2021 term. Applications that are received prior to the deadline will be forwarded to the student’s college for review. Once a decision is made, students will be notified by U.S. Mail at the address on file. If you do not have outstanding student loans, TTU can refund this amount directly to the bank account of your choice.

You can update your current and permanent addresses and phone numbers by selecting the 'My Personal Information' link in the header of the RaiderLink portal.

You can sign up and update your bank information at any time from your RaiderLink portal.  Just select the MyTech tab and click on the My Direct Deposit link.

Applications are available on the Student Business Services website. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Student Business Services by email at

Student Business Services


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Student Business Services