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JUSTUS BROZEK: Instructions, Outcomes, and Inconsistencies

Please join us in looking further into the research and thoughts of Justus Brozek in an MFA lecture, Instructions, Outcomes, and Inconsistencies, about both traditional and post-digital printmaking processes. The discipline of printmaking is defined by procedures which direct moments of process and their outcome. Likewise, human beings follow the standards and guidelines put in place by governing systems and beliefs with the presupposition of certain results. Even with instructions, both in printmaking and life, the product may differ from the expectation. 


Brozek explains that, “Through both traditional and post-digital printmaking processes, I examine structures as individual units and larger organizations, delving into juxtapositions of the outcomes and origins of belief. The use of board game imagery and repeated shapes and patterns make for a body of work that examines both the observable and incomprehensible nature of the convictions which shape our understanding.”


The MFA lecture meets the part of the requirement necessary to receive the MFA degree from the School of Art.


Dani Marshall


School of Art

Event Information
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event Date: 11/29/2021

MCoM Room #270