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Libraries Announces Winners of 2021 Open Access Award

The Texas Tech University Libraries announces the recipients of the 2021 Open Access Awards:

·        Dr. Cecil R. Short, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, was selected as the recipient of the award for Open Education. 


·        Dr. Rosalyn A. Shim, Assistant Professor of Department of Plant and Soil Science, was selected as the recipient the award for Open Access Publication. 


·        Dr. Jacob Kirksey, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, Leadership, and Counseling, was selected as the recipient of the award for Open Access Advocacy. 


·        Dr. Nicholas David Bowman, Associate Professor of Journalism and Creative Media Industries, was selected as the recipient of the award for Open Data. 


Faculty were selected by the Libraries’ Scholarly Publishing Team. The purpose of the Open Access Award is to recognize faculty who have made their research open or used open materials in their courses. It is intended to assist faculty when demonstrating the impact of their work. For example, a faculty member may use the award on their dossier or vitae. 


Open Access is the free, immediate availability of research articles online, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment (SPARC).  


About the Open Access Award 

This award applied to open textbooks, educational materials, data and source code as well. This award is NOT for publisher fees. The grant for publishing fees is the Open Access Publication Initiative, hosted by the Office of the Vice President of Research. 

For more information contact:

Joy M. Perrin, Lead of the Libraries’ Scholarly Publishing Team 



Julie Barnett