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Take VPA 4000: Exploring Digital Live Arts in Spring!
Over the past twenty years we have witnessed exponential growth in digital media technologies as well as the availability and accessibility of those technologies. As a result, there has been an eruption of digital media in performance and an increasing diversity of performance genres utilizing/including projected imagery in theatre, electronic music, live video, video games, architectural projection mapping, interactive art installations, and so on.

VPA 4000 -- Exploring Digital Live Arts will provide an exploration of the integration of digital technology across a variety of performance genres in the arts. We will examine the amplification of digital technology over the past two decades, and the effect it has had on performance content and style. At the same time students explore the history and theories of digital performance, the primary emphasis of this course will be the application of digital performance technology in critical and creative works of their own. 

David Sears


Visual and Perform Arts