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Join Us! The Artfull Brain: Research Workshop & Lecture Series

In part three of this lecture series- This year’s focus will be put on the relation between artificial intelligence and human mind. From the first stone tools to locomotives to computational machines, humans have invested enormous resources to develop tools to survive and thrive for ages. Naturally, the tools and instruments we use express our needs and determine our lifestyles, habits, and social interaction. Today, technological advancement such as artificial intelligence has opened unprecedented opportunities for the ultimate tool, the human and machine interface. Still, it also has become an imminent tool that infiltrates every aspect of human existence. Combining perspectives from Sciences and Humanities we will discuss how human and AI interaction affect us biologically, socially, and culturally.  


Brianna Sanchez


Inst for Studies in Pragmaticism

Event Information
Time: 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Event Date: 2/21/2022

University Library Rm 151 ZOOM: Meeting ID: 990 9285 6326