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TTU Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp

TTU Chinese program is offering the 1st Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp in summer 2022. 

Benefits of Learning Chinese for Young Children: 

  • Learning Chinese activates parts of brain not used by English
  • Learning Chinese affects math ability
  • Writing Chinese characters aids the cognitive development
  • Learning Chinese tones makes the children musical

 Ni Hao! Chinese is a four-week Chinese language and culture summer camp offered to the K-6 students by the Chinese language, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, Texas Tech University. This program features small-class, fun, immersive, and game-based foreign language instruction for young Chinese language learners. Students will be engaged in rich activities to immerse in the Chinese language environment and expose to Chinese culture. At the end of the camps, students will be able to say Chinese words, phrases, and sentences according to the themes, write frequently used Chinese characters, understand Chinese culture, and gain the confident in learning Chinese language and culture.

Official webpage of the camp

Registration here

May 30th to June 24th (4 weeks)

  • Level 1: 9 am -11 am
  • Level 1: 1 pm – 3 pm


July 4th to July 29th (4 weeks)

  • Level 2: 9 am -11 am
  • Level 1: 1 pm – 3 pm


Cost: $400 per four-week, Limited 10 students in each class

Contact: Dr. Yanlin Wang, Director of Chinese language,; Ginny Hsiao, Chinese instructor,


Yanlin Wang


Classical and Modern Lang and Lit