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Seeking families to spend time with horses for research!

Study Title: Equine-Assisted Positively Fit: A Family-Based Obesity Intervention for Rural Youth 
Principle Investigators: Dr. Katy Schroeder, Department of Animal & Food Sciences and Dr. Jason Van Allen, Department of Psychological Sciences 
What is this research studying? 
The purpose of this research study is to determine if a horse-assisted childhood obesity intervention can help children and their caregivers learn specific tools to support healthy lifestyle choices for nutrition and exercise. 
Why participate? 

  • You will learn about your child's body composition. 
  • You and your child will have an opportunity to train with horses. 
  • Your family will learn skills to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Who can participate?


You may qualify to participate if your child struggles with weight or obesity, ages 9-13. Participating families will also receive $30 total, given after the first scheduled research visit ($10) and again at a follow-up visit after completing the Equine-Assisted Positively Fit program ($20). 
Ready to learn more? 
To take the next steps, please contact Tristen Hefner at (806) 834-2801 or  
Questions about the Research? 
For questions about the research, please contact: Dr. Katy Schroeder at 806-834-5394 or Dr. Jason Van Allen at 806-834-7703.  

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.


Tristen Hefner