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Fiscal Year End 2022

Fiscal Year 2022 Year-End Deadlines

The following timeline has been established to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting to the State Comptroller’s Office.  Documents received after these deadlines will be processed in FY22 only with approval from the Chief Accounting Officer & Controller.

Contact information:

Accounting Services (AS)

MS 1105


Accountant by Fund Class

Grant Specialist by Organization

Cash & Credit Mgmt Svcs (CCMS)

MS 1102



Budget Office

MS 1096


Budget Analyst by Organization


Tuesday, August 16

·         Last day for Principal Investigators to approve, in accordance with TTU OP 65.05, subrecipient invoices for processing in FY22.


Thursday, August 18

·         One-time payroll requests (additional compensation, lump sum payments, and payments to temporary employees) entered into EOPS with all departmental and Budget approvals by 5:00pm to process in FY22.  FY23 requests should be held and submitted beginning September 1.


Wednesday, August 31

·         Departmental deposits by 2:00pm to CCMS. All cash and check deposits received after this time will be credited to FY23. If you have questions concerning revenue accrual entries, contact AS at

·         Year-end valuation letters by 5:00pm to AS at  Reporting templates will be provided via email by July 29.

o     Library book and reference material purchases exceeding $5,000 for the fiscal year

o     Art and historical treasure collections

o     Livestock inventory 

·         Effort certifications for the January 1 to June 30, 2022 certification period by 5:00pm. Outstanding effort certifications will be escalated after this date in accordance with TTU OP 65.02. Effort certification questions directed to AS at

·         Salary charges cleared from temporary salary FOPs (18T#) to the extent possible. Requests to carry negative fund balances on these fund types should be directed to AS at


Tuesday, September 6

·         Institutional vouchers (IV’s), cost transfers (CT’s), revenue transactions (RT’s), and journal vouchers (JV’s) entered into FiTS or submitted to AS with all departmental approvals by 5:00pm.

o     Remember to use a transaction date of August 31, 2022. Cost transfers are not allowed across fiscal years.

o     IVs for consumable supplies and services must be processed in the fiscal year in which the goods/services were provided/received. However, if IV’s are received after the deadline, they will be processed in FY23.

·         Wires claimed by 5:00pm through CCMS at Unclaimed funds will be swept centrally.

·         Accounts receivable amounts in excess of $10,000 (revenue earned in FY22 but not billed/received as of August 31) to by 5:00pm. Reporting templates will be provided via email by August 15.

·         Unearned revenue amounts in excess of $10,000 for conferences/events set up in Touchnet Marketplace (revenue collected in FY22 for a conferences/events scheduled in FY23) to by 5:00 pm.

·         Year-end inventory of consumable supplies and items for resale in excess of $10,000 (as of August 31) by 5:00pm to  Reporting templates will be provided via email by August 15.

·         Labor redistributions for 9/1/21-8/31/22 (monthly) and 9/1/21-8/15/22 (semi-monthly) pay periods by 5:00pm to

o     Labor redistributions are not allowed across fiscal years. If you have salary transfers necessary to meet cost share commitments for FY22, they must be submitted by this date. 

o     Please review the program code on all faculty salaries to ensure that the program code allocation is correct.

·         All transfer documentation to clear negative fund balances submitted to by 5:00pm.

·         All money move requests to clear negative grant budget pools submitted to assigned Grant Specialist by 5:00pm.

·         Remember neither negative grant budget pools nor overspent grants are allowed across fiscal years.  Please ensure all documents needed to correct (money moves, CT’s, labor redistributions, etc.) are submitted by deadlines outlined in this memo and contact your assigned Grant Specialist if you have questions.

Thursday, September 8

·         Labor redistributions for 8/16/22 – 8/31/22 (semi-monthly 17) pay period by 12:00 noon to




Benjamin T Martin


Accounting Services