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Would You Like to Learn How to Play Chess?

While estimates vary, recent research approximates that over 800 million people play the game of chess. Since its inception in India around 600 CE, and through its various incarnations, chess has always beckoned to its board the most inquisitive, creative, and analytic minds, all of whom seek to master a game so complex that - at any given time - there are rarely more than 1,500 (0.3% of all players) Grandmasters who actively play.  


This course aims to serve as a comprehensive introduction to the game of chess.  During our time together, we will cover the history of the game, learn about the board and its pieces, and introduce you to basic principles of the game.  Having completed this course, we expect you will have a deeper respect for its rich history, a healthy admiration for its myriad complexities, and a passion to improve your skill as you play increasingly competitive games against family and friends.  You might even decide to register for tournaments or take up lessons to accelerate your growth and maturation as a player.


If you have a schedule conflict, please email me and we will find a solution.


Jeff Day


Texas Tech Chess Program