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Do you want to learn Arabic this fall? Arab 1501



 Why study Arabic?

- Arabic is the 4th most spoken native language in the world. About 315 million people in 58 countries speak the language

- Knowledge of Arabic and Arabic culture provides advantages in career fields such as diplomacy, intelligence, business, engineering, international development, and academia.   

- Arabic speakers are in high demand for unique government jobs. The U.S. State Department identifies Arabic as a “critical language” and as a language of “strategic importance”.

- Opens doors for diversified business opportunities in the Arab world ·

- Employment opportunities with government agencies, international organization, and NGOs ·

 - Many scholarships and grants offered to students · Arabic sets you apart from competition ·


Students participating in Arabic classes will have the unique opportunity to explore the rich culture and history while studying abroad and learning Arabic in Jordan. Students spend four weeks with a faculty-led program and earn 6 credit hours. Excursions supplement the Arabic language and cultural courses and include visits to Petra (one of the 7 wonders of the world), the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Baptism site, camping in the dessert (Wadi Rum), Jerash, and many more. Students can also visit nearby popular destinations such as Istanbul, the Pyramids in Egypt, and Jerusalem.

Arabic program also offers Arabic club weekly meeting with Arabic faculty. Students get to learn how to speak and practice Arabic in an informal social gathering in a coffee shop. Students learn about the culture and many more.

For more questions: Contact Rula Al-hmoud


Rula Al-Hmoud


Classical and Modern Lang and Lit