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Is Your Child Experiencing Bullying? Free Therapy Services for Grades 3-8

The TTU Peer Relations Clinic in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Texas Tech University is currently conducting a research study providing free therapy services to children and adolescents affected by bullying and other peer difficulties (e.g., teasing, rumor spreading, exclusion from social groups, online insults, verbal threats, physical aggression, etc.). 

Youth in grades 3-8 who have experienced bullying in recent months may be eligible to participate. This study is evaluating an intervention called modular cognitive behavioral therapy that helps children and adolescents learn to solve problems more effectively, manage their emotions, change negative thought patterns, and utilize adaptive coping strategies. This has previously been found to be an effective treatment approach for youth depression, anxiety, trauma, and behavior problems, and it is thought that it will also help address youth’s experiences of bullying. Participating families will be eligible to earn up to $260.

Additional information is available at Interested parents/caregivers should call (806) 742-3418 or email  

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.


John Cooley


Psychological Sciences