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#WellnessWednesdays: Mid-Week Yin, Restorative Yoga for Relaxation ONLINE

Ever wanted to try yoga but are intimidated by the vinyasa movements or are uncomfortable practicing? Join us for #WellnessWednesdays yin yoga sessions. Yin yoga is a gentle stretching of the body-- once we get into a pose (asana), we will hold it for a few minutes, letting the body relax. Many of these will be floor poses that can be modified with blocks, blankets and pillows or bolsters. Sessions will be practiced through live online sessions, and on your own.

Please let instructor Erin Burns RYT(500) know beforehand if you have any injuries or recent surgeries. You will need to agree to this form before being let into any of the Zoom sessions. 

Register for sessions here. Registration will close two days before the workshop so that an invite can be sent by email but you are welcome to email erin.burns@ttu to be added.


Julie Barnett