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Rosario y Misa en Español
Acompáñenos en oración del rosario y la celebración de la Santa Misa en español, en la parroquia de Santa Isabel cada Domingo. Comenzaremos con el rosario antes de la Misa que comienza a las 2:00 PM.

Originator: Carlos Salas Sotelo            Posted On :   12/1/2017
Student Organization 

Solutions of previous math finals for sale
SIAM and MAA are selling solutions of previous math final exams for $9 in the Math building from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6 (except Sat & Sun). Business hours will be from 8am to 4pm. Packets include 2 final exams from previous semesters with full solutions.

Originator: Giacomo Capodaglio            Posted On :   12/1/2017
Student Organization 

YALDA Night Party, By Persian Student Association
Please join us for a night full of fun, music, dance and poetry to celebrate one of the brilliant nights in Persian heritage.

Originator: Mahdi Ramezanian            Posted On :   12/1/2017
Arts & Entertainment * Student Organization