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Office 365 Email Upgrade for Employees Coming This Summer
This summer, the TTU IT Division will upgrade all employee email accounts to the cloud-based Office 365.

Originator: IT Help Central            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Employee Announcements * Student Announcements 

FAMILY WEEKEND IS SEPTEMBER 29 - September 30, 2017
Heading home for the summer? Be sure to tell your family about Family Weekend 2017!

Originator: Morgan Brannon            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Arts & Entertainment * Athletics * Student Organization 

What are your kids doing this summer?
Register your child for Rec Sports Youth Summer Camp TODAY! For registration info visit

Originator: Brett Jackson            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Departmental * Rec Sports Programming 

TeMPO Program, Call for Applications
Thanks to funding from the Division of Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs, the Teacher Mentoring through Peer Observation (TeMPO) Program for faculty will be offered once again in Fall 2017.

Originator: Esther Saldivar            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Academic * Departmental * Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center 

Earn $1,000 Discussing Ideas with Other Students
The Free Market Institute is accepting applications for the fall 2017 McLane Teammates Reading Program program, which will focus on the topic of Economics and Social Issues: Markets and the Marginalized.

Originator: Charles V Long            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Lectures & Seminars * Academic 


Originator: Cristina Sierra            Posted On :   5/16/2017

$30 FOR PARENTS with soon to be kindergartners!
Participating families receive $30 for volunteering their time. For more information please contact us at:

Originator: Jeanne Esther Cardenas            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Need summer work? Apply to be a STEM Education Scholar!
A part-time summer position for students interested in STEM education or research. Apply today at under the SEdS subtitle.

Originator: Heather Coats            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Research * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Chancellor Emeritus Leadership Seminar Course
Enroll today in Chancellor Emeritus Hance’s Leadership Seminar course! Get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from his experiences and have the chance to meet guests like Rex Tillerson and Kliff Kingsbury! IS4100 CRN 19573

Originator: Dylan Christenson            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Need a core Social & Behavioral Sciences requirement?
Register for PFI 1305 – Life, Love, and Money! This course is exactly how it sounds – learn how to invest your time and money to strike the right balance in your life and relationship! This is the best course to learn how to invest in yourself!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Faculty: Course Reserves Submissions open
Course Reserves is now taking submissions for Summer 2017. To make a submission, visit

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Academic * Departmental 

Fall 2017- Spring 2018 CALUE Undergraduate Scholar Project Funding
CALUE is announcing the availability of undergraduate scholar project funding for projects taking place during the fall 2017 - spring 2018 semesters. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Originator: Jerylme Robins            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Research * Academic 

ASL Tutors Needed for Fall 2017 Tutor Positions
We need you! Are you interested in helping fellow students in your field? Are you looking for a positive, well-paying part time position on campus? Come work with us at the TECHniques Center!

Originator: Kyla Shannon            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

First year college students are needed for an online study on personality and drinking behaviors in college

Originator: Manju Chawla            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Jump Start Your Business with the TTU Accelerator!
Selected companies will be assigned a team of iTTU mentor advisors to conduct monthly meetings, receive startup office space at BaseCamp for one year, and a $25,000 seed grant.

Originator: Krysten Moore            Posted On :   5/16/2017

RECRUITING for the TTU Celtic Ensemble & Elegant Savages Orchestra
Coming, in Fall 2017: "The post-Apocalyptic Great Southwestern 'Desert Pirates' Band"

Originator: CHRISTOPHER J Smith            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Arts & Entertainment 

"Living with Deafness and Its Impacts on My Life and My Art" by Hallee Harper
"Living with Deafness and Its Impacts on My Life and My Art" Hallee Harper MAE Thesis exhibition, Folio Gallery, Art Building on view May 11, 2017 - May 20, 2017. Closing reception, 11:30AM – 1:30PM, Sat, May 20, 2017. Free & open to the public.

Originator: Scotty Hensler            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Arts & Entertainment * Academic 

Register for the "S"! YOU DON'T want to MISS OUT on THE BEST COLLEGE COURSES!
Register for a service learning course and make a difference in your community. Classes are offered in many majors.

Originator: Jacy Proctor            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Now Available! “A Witness to History: George H. Mahon, West Texas Congressman”
“A Witness to History” by Janet M. Neugebauer with a foreword by Kent Hance is now available for purchase at both TTU Press and the TTU Library!

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Advanced Security Training & NSC Meeting on May 24, 10am—2pm
The TTU IT Division invites all Network Site Coordinators and campus IT professionals to an Advanced Security Training on Wednesday, May 24.

Originator: IT Events            Posted On :   5/16/2017
IT Announcements 

SPAN 5341 and 5342 Intensive Spanish for Graduate Research (Summer 2017)
If you are a graduate student who needs Spanish for your research or to meet your foreign language requirement, this summer is your chance.

Originator: GEORGE L Cole            Posted On :   5/16/2017

New Operating Policy 69.12 Sick Leave Donation
OP 69.12, Sick Leave Donation, was posted to the OP Manual website on 5/15/17.

Originator: Lindsay Hallowell            Posted On :   5/15/2017
Faculty/Staff Organization 

Take Summer I: COMS 6303 Seminar in Organization Communication
This course focuses on a special topic in organizations. In particular, crisis communication and management. Students will learn about crisis planning, preparation and management in different contexts.

Originator: Bolanle Olaniran            Posted On :   5/16/2017
Lectures & Seminars * Academic * Departmental 

Attention Faculty, Staff, and Students: Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!
If you are currently married to a person of the opposite sex, have been married at least one year, and are over 18 years old, you could be entered into a drawing to win one of two $20 Amazon gift cards for completing a 15-20 minute online survey.

Originator: Katherine Gerst            Posted On :   5/16/2017

Looking for International Students to take short survey!
International students, take a brief survey and tell us your thoughts!

Originator: Servet Tas            Posted On :   5/16/2017