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It's Time for a Reset with Summer Series!

It’s time for a reset


The semester is over. Evaluations are over. Summer is here. It’s time for a reset.


Did you know when employees have a “performance reset”, they’re more likely to find motivation, reengage, and grow?


Come join Staff Senate and Talent Development for a summertime reset with The Series education modules. We’ll help you reset with opportunities to connect with fellow red raiders, eat delicious snacks (chicken minis at times), and help you with your personal and professional development.


Do any of these questions resonate with you?

  • Have you ever shown up to work, hit “The Wall”, and found that the motivation to get through a day is harder than ever?
  • After your evaluation, your boss gives you “Opportunities for growth” but all you can see is how bad of an employee you are? How do you work through feedback in a productive way?
  • Maybe you wake up and look around at your work and life and wonder, “What happened?” How can you find balance again?

We are here for you. This Summer let us help you reset with three events to help you find a way through the sunny days of summer. Come on, you know you want to.


Simply email or and sign up today. You can see our offerings below:


June 21st 10:30-Noon

The Real Magic of Motivation

Stop watching motivational videos and instead learn the art of active motivation to stay engaged and moving towards the person you wish to become. This training will help you implement practices to keep teams and leaders engaged and moving towards goals that matter. You’ll learn:

  • The difference between passive and active motivation.
  • The first steps to do when you hit “the wall.”
  • Where to start finding motivation in your own world.
  • The difference between intentions and inspirations.
  • How to design routines to help you feel empowered and how to implement them immediately.
  • How to create an environment conducive to keeping you motivated throughout the day.

July 26th 10:30-Noon

Caught in the Loop: Hearing Feedback for All Its Worth

Did you know the people who give the best feedback are also the best at receiving feedback? This module utilizes that philosophy by helping teams and individuals learn how to receive feedback in effective ways. This module covers topics like:

  • Learning your truth, relationship, and identity triggers.
  • Keeping switch tracking at bay so you can engage fully with feedback.
  • Skillfully labeling feedback to maximize the content you’re hearing.
  • Hacking the relationship system that undergirds common problems in relationships and finding solutions together.
  • Gaining a common language on feedback so you and your team are on the same page.
  • Learning how to win in the “second score” after conversation have gone poorly.
  • Avoiding collisions by learning your blind spots

August 8th 10:30-Noon

Walking the Line: Finding Balance at Work and Home

We desire employees at Texas Tech to feel like their lives matter. In this educational module, we will cover how to juggle the demands of work and home and create a plan to help you and your team find the balance we all crave and need.

  • Identify who “ideal worker” is in your head-- with its flaws and truths.
  • Plan the week to insure all parts of your life get the attention they need.
  • Master the transition from work to home and back again.
  • Walk into Monday ready to go!
  • Ideas to model good balance and build it into your workplace culture.
  • How to hack your sleep so you can get the rest, you need to be your best self.


Simply email or and sign up today




Trey Gardenhire


Human Resources