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Experiences at a Predominantly White Institution Study - $20 Gift Cards

Undergraduate Students Needed for "Experiences at a Predominantly White Institution" Study

We are seeking Black undergraduate students enrolled at Texas Tech University to participate in a research study on their experiences at a Predominantly White Institution. If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked to complete an academic and demographic questionnaire and four instruments designed to examine your experiences as a Black student attending a Predominantly White University.  This activity should take no longer than 30 minutes of your time. Upon completion of this portion of the study, some students will be selected for interviews (one interview per student).  These interviews should not take longer than 30 minutes each.  There is the possibility of a follow-up interview for clarity (15-20 minutes).  If qualified and interested, please click here.     

Both phases of the study have an opportunity for participants to win a Visa gift card (two (2) cards total).  There will be 2 drawings for a Visa gift card (2 cards total) at the conclusion of the study in which the odds of winning for the first study is 1:325 and 1:3 for the second part of the study.  Winners will be selected through a random drawing. 

If you qualify for the study and would like to participate, click here. If you have any questions about the study, please contact: Dr. Kamau Siwatu (Principal Investigator) at (806)834-5850 or In addition, you may contact Osariemen Osaghae at (806) 834-2735 or Thank you for your time.

This study has been approved by the Human Research Protection Program at Texas Tech University.


RIEMEN Osaghae


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