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Looking for a Summer 1 online course? Enroll in Arab Muslim Civilization

This is a survey of the Arab-Muslim world, taught online in English, including discussion of its history, geography, cultures, literatures, science, religions, and art. This course fulfills the Multicultural and Core Humanities requirement. 

This cultural studies course provides an overview of the following topics:

History of the Arab-Muslim World, Middle East, and Adjacent Regions, Geography of the Arab-Muslim World, The Arabic Language, Arabic Literature, Islamic Architecture to Calligraphy to Modern Painting, Music and Dance Variations: From Oriental Classical Music to Arab Rap, Arabic Cinema, Scientific and Cultural Achievements of Islamic Civilization, Al-Andalus: Muslims in Spain, The Status of Women in the Arab-Muslim World: Similarity and Differences. 

Summer Term 1 (May 28 - June 29)

Contact Rula Al-Hmoud for extra information:



Rula Al-Hmoud


B53114 CMLL