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Are you an artist? Be a part of the Creative Abilities Gallery
SDS is seeking art from TTU students with disabilities for the Creative Abilities Gallery at the First Friday Art Trail on October 6th.

Originator: Abbi May            Posted On :   9/25/2023
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental Events 

Accessibility is for Everyone! Upcoming Events
Accessibility is for Everyone! 10/2- Movie Night, 10/3-Create and Paint, 10/4 Deaf Bingo, 10/5- Tech-quity Workshop, 10/6- Creative Abilities Gallery

Originator: Abbi May            Posted On :   9/25/2023
Arts & Entertainment 

Faculty/Staff/students, carry international flag at Culture Fest!
Are you from or do you have a connection to another nation? Then join us in our Parade of National Flags that will launch our Culture Fest on Oct 7!

Originator: Beth Mora            Posted On :   9/25/2023
Arts & Entertainment 

Chinese Tea House: Mid-Autumn Festival celebration next Wednesday 9/22
Our Chinese tea house next Wednesday (9/27) will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. It will be 6-7 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) in CMLL 115.

Originator: Xiaqing Chang            Posted On :   9/25/2023
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Multi-platinum, 5X AMA award-winning entertainer Kane Brown comes to TTU Friday, April 26th at 7:30pm. TTU pre-sale Wednesday, September 27, 12pm CT! Click for details!

Originator: Sophia Scholz            Posted On :   9/25/2023
Arts & Entertainment