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Nominate Someone for a Diversity or Gender Equity Award
The President’s Excellence in Diversity and Equity Awards recognize individuals for activities that promote diversity and equity. The President’s Excellence in Gender Equity Awards recognize individuals for activities that advance gender equity.

Originator: Paul Ruiz            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization * Student Organization 

Have you worked with a faculty mentor who deserves recognition for all their hard work and dedication? If so, please nominate your faculty mentor for the 2020 TTU Outstanding Faculty Mentor for an Undergraduate Researcher award.

Originator: Ryan M Bain            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Research * Faculty/Staff Organization * Student Organization 

Follow Women's & Gender Studies on Social Media
Join our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter posts to receive the latest information about upcoming classes, social meetings, campus events, scholarships, call for proposals and the much more!

Originator: Tricia Earl            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Academic * Faculty/Staff Organization * Student Organization 

Join us and a U.S. Census Partnership Specialist for a presentation about getting involved today at 5 pm in the Canyon Room in the SUB!

Originator: Holley Browning            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Lectures & Seminars * Student Organization 

Want to be a part of change on campus? Come to SILC!
Student Intersectional Leadership Council is hosting its second meeting TODAY at 5:30 p.m. in Doak Hall 120. We will be talking about our upcoming forum & opportunities to be a leader in the community.

Originator: Gil Caley            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Student Organization 

Tech Council on Family Relations General Meeting
This is a professional student organization focused on professional development within the field of Human Development and Family Studies as well as encouraging community involvement with families.

Originator: Monica Jones            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Student Organization 

Chancellor's Ambassadors applications are now open!
Applications are due March 13th!'s-ambassadors-application.pdf

Originator: Mary Butler            Posted On :   2/27/2020
Student Organization 

How can you help men and women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy?
Join Raiders Defending Life for a talk from the Managing Operator at the Nurturing Center of Lubbock!

Originator: Megan Moses            Posted On :   2/26/2020
Student Organization 

Feminist Sorority Women Needed
Do you identify as a feminist? Are you a member (collegian or alumna) of a sorority? Women's and Gender Studies wants to hear from you!

Originator: Jocelyne Scott            Posted On :   2/26/2020
Academic * Student Organization