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TTU Undergraduate Research Conference Awards 2018
Congratulations to the following students for having exceptional presentations within their respective categories during the 2018 Texas Tech University Undergraduate Research Conference.

Originator: Jerylme Robins            Posted On :   5/23/2018
Research * Academic 

Get Paid to Participate in a Reading Group
Undergraduate students from any major may apply to participate in an extracurricular, non-credit reading group focused on The Role of Government in a Free Society during the fall 2018 semester. Students who complete the program will receive $1000!

Originator: Amanda Smith            Posted On :   5/23/2018

Core Lab Science Online- BIOL 1113 & BIOL 1305 - Summer II
Fulfill one lab science core requirement summer II from home, with an online version of Ecology and Environmental Problems (BIOL1305-D31) and Environmental Problems Lab (BIOL1113-D01)

Originator: Deborah Carr            Posted On :   5/24/2018

Graduate Online Elective in Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability is being offered Fall 2018 as an online elective for ALL graduate students.

Originator: Deborah Carr            Posted On :   5/24/2018

Graduating in Summer or Fall 2018? Register NOW for PFI 4101
DO NOT graduate from Texas Tech without taking PFI 4101! Are you looking for a one hour course designed to teach you about job searching, employee benefits, taxes, investing options, and insurance? Well, we have the course for you!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   5/23/2018

Need a Multicultural or Social & Behavioral Sciences Requirement?
ONLINE Summer 1 Course - Introduction to World Cultures and Ethnology (ANTH 2302):
FULFILLS: Multicultural Competency and Social and Behavioral Sciences requirements.

Originator: Lap Siu            Posted On :   5/24/2018

CFP - Gender & Gender Identity Colloquium
Is gender relevant to the 21st Century? How do gender difference and power relations influence us? How do transgender and gender identities intersect with other identities?

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   5/23/2018
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Nominate outstanding staff members at Texas Tech!
Texas Tech invites you to nominate outstanding staff members who have demonstrated excellence, leadership, and exemplary service for a Distinguished Staff Award.

Originator: Kristen Grant            Posted On :   5/23/2018
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Call for Proposals: 3rd annual Symposium on Modern Warfare
Now accepting proposals for the 3rd annual Symposium on Modern Warfare. The theme of this year's symposium is Modern Warfare through the Arts and Humanities.

Originator: Andrew Hinton            Posted On :   5/24/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

What does Women's Studies mean to you?
Have you taken a Women’s & Gender Studies course that helped you in life, education, career choices, etc. and want to tell other Texas Tech University students about it?

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   5/24/2018
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Join Talent Development in Human Resources for Leadership Series book club this summer! We will be reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek and providing discussion time with fellow leaders on campus.

Originator: Trey Gardenhire            Posted On :   5/23/2018
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Additional Mentor Information Sessions
Mentors Change Lives.

Originator: Edna Rodriguez            Posted On :   5/24/2018
Academic * Departmental 

PSS 2401 - Introductory Entomology Offered Summer I
Do you want to learn about the most species-rich group of animals on Earth and satisfy 4 hours of your Life and Physical Science Core Curriculum Requirement too?

Originator: Nancy Merriman            Posted On :   5/23/2018