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Keep Calm and Go to Document Delivery
Learn tips and tricks for making requests from Document Delivery in the University Library.

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Academic * Departmental 

Fall Write-In
Sign up for Texas Tech's fall Write-In! The Write-In will be held on Saturday, December 2nd, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, in the University Writing Center.

Originator: Luke Iantorno            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Groundwork Program:Call for Applications
Deadline is this Friday, December 1, 2017!!

Originator: Esther Saldivar            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Academic * Departmental * Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center 

Study Abroad 101
The orientation information session for all students studying abroad, Study Abroad 101, is now located online within the TTU Study Abroad application!

Originator: Brian Selman            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Get a minor in something that you can use for the rest of your life!!
The Studies in Personal Finance minor provides basic knowledge needed to manage personal financial activities in day-to-day life. It is a great preparation for any career!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   11/27/2017

TODAY! In 1 HOUR! STEMinar: Dr. Benjamin Owen
Come join us and learn about exciting new research that is happening on Texas Tech University campus. Dr. Benjamin Owen will share his expertise from working in the Laser Interferomenter Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO).

Originator: Jessica Spott            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Study Abroad in Rome, Summer II 2018
Take one or two courses in the Art & Art History in Rome program: ART 4304 Figure Drawing from the Italian Masters, or ARTH 3320 Art & Architecture of Medieval Rome, or BOTH!

Originator: JANIS J Elliott            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Graduate Course: World Heritage Sites 7000-004 (CRN 44967)
This course examines the selection process, background history, and importance of world heritage. The class will focus on the interplay of politics, cultural identity, and hegemony in how World Heritage sites are selected and managed.

Originator: Daniel Tyler            Posted On :   11/27/2017

DigitalMeasures New Developments
Announcing Two New Developments with DigitalMeasures!

Originator: Betty Thomas            Posted On :   11/27/2017
IT Announcements * Academic * Departmental 

Want to read, write and talk about poetry...and maybe get published?
Are you thinking of graduate study in Creative Writing, Literature or Philosophy? Do you like to write and want to try to publish your work? If so, sign up for ENGLISH 4351.005 this spring.

Originator: Curtis Bauer            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Season’s Greetings From Raiderland!
A new exhibit at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library features Texas Tech ornaments.

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Academic * Departmental 

Saving Face, the award-winning family comedy-drama, will be screened on 12/6 at 7 PM at Alamo Drafthouse. Tickets are $5. A discussion led by Dr. Aliza Wong follows the film.

Originator: Dana Weiser            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Arts & Entertainment * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Nominations Open for The President’s Excellence in Academic Advising Award
Nominate an excellent advisor or advising team for the PEA award! Each year up to two individuals and one team will be acknowledged and will receive a cash award of $1,000 (individual) or $5,000 (team).

Originator: Kacey Marshall            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Academic * Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Experimental Sciences Building Open House
See the labs and the different services provided to PIs on and off campus. We are here to serve your research needs!

Originator: Beatrice Perez            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Art Courses Open to Non-Majors! Spring 2018
Love art? Want a class where you can be creative, learn and have fun? Check out these exciting art courses - you don't have to be an art major to take them!

Originator: Paula Yeager            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Do you like rooting for the underdog?
If you always root for the underdog to win against all odds, ENGL 2307-160 is the course for you! This Intro to Fiction class will focus on stories about the little guy standing up & fighting for what's right! No papers; just 3 multiple-choice exams.

Originator: Marta Kvande            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Spring 2018 graduate level course: Neuroscience of Vision
Come learn about the neuroscience behind invisible gorillas, "face blindness," and the Jennifer Aniston cell. PSY 5001 (CRN 51801) Neuroscience of Vision is being offered in Spring 2018 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-2:20pm.

Originator: Miranda Scolari            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Live in Spain for one month during Summer I, 2018 and earn 3 hours of Economics credit learning about U.S. and European climate policies that address the issue of climate change using economic instruments and encouraging renewable energy generation!

Originator: Misak Avetisyan            Posted On :   11/27/2017

CRN 51496 - ITAL 2315-001 - Italian Filmmakers: Federico Fellini -- Creative Arts core requirement

Originator: VICTORIA Surliuga            Posted On :   11/27/2017

CRN 51453 - CMLL 2306-001 - Intro to World Cinema - Tuesday 3:30 - 6:20 - Multicultural and Language/Philosophy/Culture core requirements

Originator: VICTORIA Surliuga            Posted On :   11/27/2017

FREE Practice MCAT!
Students planning to take the MCAT in Spring or Summer of 2018 are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Only 35 spots available!

Originator: Ryan Scheckel            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Academic * Departmental 

Graduate Seminar: How to Counter Toxic Threats
The course is one hour interactive class that discusses different threats, ie, chemical, biological, ballistics, and their countermeasures. There will be opportunity to have hands-on experience on how to counter toxic oil spills.

Originator: SESHADRI S Ramkumar            Posted On :   11/27/2017

Nominate an extraordinary Faculty member!
Nominate an outstanding faculty member who has made an impact on your education. All students who live on-campus are welcome to submit a nomination. Submit nominations by February 4th, 2017 at

Originator: Heather Sitkie            Posted On :   11/27/2017
Academic * Faculty/Staff Organization