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International Students Needed For Study
We are looking for International Students to participate in a research study on their experiences in a college campus.

Originator: Andrew Herridge            Posted On :   11/6/2018

Recruiting Research Subjects: Free Body Fat Assessment & up to $20 Compensation
We are seeking research subjects for ONE 2 ½ - 3 hour in-person session looking at comfort during moderate exercise. No blood draw or overnight fast. Free body fat test and up to $20. Call/email if interested: 806-742-5194,

Originator: Sharmin Akter            Posted On :   11/6/2018

Women Needed for Menstrual Cycle Study
Women are needed to participate in research that will study the effect of a dietary supplement on blood vessel function when estrogen and progesterone are elevated in the blood during the normal menstrual cycle.

Originator: Joaquin Gonzales            Posted On :   11/6/2018

Cleaning up Your Messy Data: An Open Refine
In this Learn @ Your Library workshop, learn data management concepts.

Originator: Julie Barnett            Posted On :   11/6/2018
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Register by TODAY for early lunch with EHS at our next Safe-Science Session!
EHS is hosting a Safe-Science Session titled BSCs, fume hoods, glove boxes -Oh my! covering engineering controls. Join us for hands-on activities, demos, door prizes and lunch!

Originator: Heather Coats            Posted On :   11/6/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Departmental 

COUPLES! Earn $40 by participating in a study!
Romantic couples are needed in a study in which you and your partner will participate in discussions.

Originator: Jayla Head            Posted On :   11/5/2018