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Walk-2-Fit on an Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Do you want to be one of the first people to participate in a study using an Anti-Gravity treadmill? Would you like walk your way to a healthier you and get an early start to a New Year's resolution. Then come participate in our study.

Originator: Hunter Turnipseed            Posted On :   3/12/2018

First year college students are needed for an online study on personality and drinking behaviors in college

Originator: Manju Chawla            Posted On :   3/12/2018

Research Study on Graduate Students’ Beliefs about Research.
A research study is being conducted to examine graduate students’ beliefs about research. Graduate student enrolled in a masters’ degree in the social and behavioral sciences at Texas Tech University are needed to participate in a two-phase study.

Originator: Amira Zebidi            Posted On :   3/12/2018
Research * Research 

*6-8-Year-old children needed for a Disney Princess perception study*
*6-8-Year-old children needed for a Disney Princess perception study*

Originator: Janice Cho            Posted On :   3/12/2018

Study on Parent-Adolescent Communication about Sexual Assault
We are looking for parents of adolescents ages 10 to 17 for an online study about parents’ communication with their children about sexual assault. The survey takes 30-40 minutes. Participants will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 5 $25 prizes.

Originator: Miriam Lieway            Posted On :   3/12/2018

Living in traditional style residence hall? CHANCE TO WIN $20 GIFT CARD
Looking for students who are at least 18 years of age & who currently live in or lived (Spring 2017/Fall 2017) in the Texas Tech University residence halls of traditional style to participate in a research study on residence hall satisfaction.

Originator: Alicia Morton            Posted On :   3/12/2018

Annual Conference on the Advancement of Women
2018 marks the 34th year that Women's & Gender Studies at Texas Tech University has offered an annual Conference on the Advancement of Women.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   3/12/2018
Research * Academic * Departmental 

Volunteer Opportunity
Do you need volunteer hours? Have you ever wanted to learn what it’s like to host a conference here on campus? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then the Women’s Studies Conference on April 20 needs your help.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   3/12/2018
Research * Departmental * Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Graduate Teaching Assistants needed for Identity Research
Online questionnaire for graduate teaching assistants and the communication that takes place in graduate school.

Originator: Jorge Delacruz            Posted On :   3/12/2018

A new study is looking for healthy adult participants.

Originator: Bundit Preechavanichwong            Posted On :   3/12/2018

Talk about Climate and Migration March 20 at noon at the CSC
Dr. Fernando Riosmena who is visiting TTU from University of Colorado Boulder is giving a talk on climate and migration.

Originator: Nadia Flores            Posted On :   3/12/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars 

¡Latinas necesitadas para un estudio: Tarjeta de regalo para participantes!
Latinas entre las edades de 14-18 necesitadas para un estudio sobre el estrés y la salud mental. ¡Los participantes recibirán una tarjeta de regalo de $10 para el cine!

Originator: Daisy Aceves            Posted On :   3/12/2018

Latinas needed for research study: $10 cinema gift card for all participants!
Latinas between the ages of 14-18 are needed to participate in a study on stress and mental health. Participants will receive a $10 cinema gift card!

Originator: Daisy Aceves            Posted On :   3/12/2018