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Quantitative Educational Psychology Programs to Include Psychometrics
Larry R. Price, Director and Professor of the Methodology, Measurement and Statistical Analysis (MIMSA) at the Texas Tech University will discuss best practices for quantitative educational psychology coursework. Psychometrics is traditionally covered in a combination of psychometric courses psychometric concepts integrated into other quantitative courses. the growing scope of psychometrics, spanning Classical Test Theory, Factor Analysis, Item Response Theory, and emerging innovations, presents a challenge for educational setting. Programs are challenged to encompass expanding psychometric and analysis frameworks. Students are challenged to select appropriate methodology courses. what formal courses should quantitative Ed Psych programs include? How should psychometrics fit into core and elective program offering? What preparation should applied educational researchers have in psychometrics? Dr Price will outline areas of psychometrics, note emerging innovations, and share his experience directing the MMSA program and as a Professor of Education and Mathematics at Texas State. There will be time for Q&A around these challenges and choices facing quantitative programs and applied educational researchers. (Information:

Agha Hossein Sabzevari



Event Information
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Event Date: 4/5/2019

Room COE #262