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Need help with ACCT 2300 & 2301, ECO 2305, or FIN 3321? Come to SI Sessions!
Receive guaranteed study material in the form of a packet with useful learning tips and practice problems!

Originator: Erika Soto            Posted On :   3/27/2023

Buddy Holly Center Exhibit Highlights One of West Texas’ Most Important Albums
“Lubbock (on everything)” exhibit showcases the legacy of Terry Allen as well as many other West Texas Hall of Fame inductees.

Originator: Marcos Rubio            Posted On :   3/27/2023
Academic * Departmental 

Attention Faculty! Faculty Fellows Mentoring Program Applications due Today!
Reminder: applications for the inaugural Texas Tech Faculty Mentoring Program due Monday, March 27th.

Originator: Katelynn Smith            Posted On :   3/27/2023

Online and Asynchronous Introduction to Economics for Non-Majors
Geared towards non-majors, this survey class will examine how the environment, social ethics, and economic activity relate to and impact one another.

Originator: DEEANN Pruitt            Posted On :   3/27/2023

Introductory Ancient Greek!
Interested in reading Plato, Homer, the New Testament, or Greek Tragedy in the original language? Consider taking Ancient Greek!
GRK 1301 (3 CH), MWF 12-12:50, Fall 2023. Fulfills the FL requirement.

Originator: Cornelia Roy            Posted On :   3/27/2023