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FREE Peer-Led Review Sessions with SI
Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides weekly, peer-led review sessions to students enrolled in historically difficult courses.

Originator: Ashton Moore            Posted On :   10/15/2018

Want to study abroad next summer?
Summer study abroad applications are open!

Originator: Whitney Longnecker            Posted On :   10/15/2018

Spring 2019 - Summer 2019 CALUE Undergraduate Scholar Project Funding
CALUE is announcing the availability of undergraduate scholar project funding for projects taking place during the spring 2019 - summer 2019 semesters. The deadline to apply is November 11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Originator: Jerylme Robins            Posted On :   10/15/2018
Research * Academic 

FREE Tutoring- The Learning Center
The Learning Center can help!

Originator: Pat Bohn            Posted On :   10/15/2018

Facilitating Transformative Undergraduate Experiences
Learn what faculty and staff are doing to engage students in transformative learning through curricular/co-curricular programs, find out what support is available to facilitate these activities, and help envision the future for TTU undergraduates.

Originator: Erin Justyna            Posted On :   10/15/2018
Lectures & Seminars * Academic * Departmental 

ATTN Faculty: Blackboard SafeAssign is Available...
Blackboard SafeAssign plagiarism detection tool is available to TTU faculty for Blackboard Courses.

Originator: Gail Alleyne Bayne            Posted On :   10/15/2018

XSEDE HPC Workshop: GPU Programming Using OpenACC - November 6, 2018
The High Performance Computing Center is hosting a remote classroom for November's XSEDE HPC Workshop Series on GPU Programming Using OpenACC. OpenACC is the accepted standard using compiler directives to allow quick development of GPU capable codes.

Originator: Chris Turner            Posted On :   10/15/2018
Research * Lectures & Seminars * Academic 

Are you interested in your Life, Love, and Money? REGISTER NOW!
Yes! PFI 1305 - Life, Love, and Money focuses on YOUR 3 most important decisions! Come and learn how you can invest in your life, love, and money for the greatest returns!

Originator: Jennifer Wilson            Posted On :   10/15/2018

RHIM Dinner Series on October 17th and 18th at Skyviews Restaurant
Come support the students of the Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management at Skyviews Restaurant. The dates to come see the students are October 17th and 18th.

Originator: Kristen Kaplan            Posted On :   10/15/2018

Demanding Dignity: A Discourse on Bodies Roundtable
Demanding Dignity: A Discourse on Bodies Roundtable held in Room 001, Department of English October 17th at 7:00 pm

Originator: Cordelia Barrera            Posted On :   10/15/2018

Professing Excellence Nomination
Nominate an outstanding faculty member who has made an impact on your education. All students who live on-campus are welcome to submit a nomination. Submit nominations by February 3rd, 2019 at

Originator: Katie Ericson            Posted On :   10/15/2018

ATTN FACULTY: Attend a Webinar on The Cheating Economy and Integrity
Join eLearning & Academic Partnerships for a webinar on “The Cheating Economy and Integrity”

Originator: Gail Alleyne Bayne            Posted On :   10/15/2018